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    Quote Originally Posted by S_Wilson View Post
    Sorry to not use Google before asking, but: about how much per metre am I looking at for fibre; am I right in assuming it can manage 100+ metres; and where would I obtain media converters (I assume they translate electrical signals to/from light waves)
    No idea on cost. But you can go up to 160km so 100m should be fine... The VDSL idea is a good one nicegear should have the bits you need and will likely be cheaper than fibre.

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    Default Re: Network cabling advice

    6 core OM3 direct burial cable would be your best option if you could budget for it. You bury it directly and dont need a alkathene pipe or such. You would certainly need a fibre technician to install/terminate SC connectors at each end. You only need 2 cores for one connection and the rest of the cores would be spare. OM3 cable can do 100Mbps over 2Km with standard media converters or 1Gbps over 550m.
    And at each end you would need a media converter such as this one for 100Mbps.
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    Default Re: Network cabling advice

    Found that - perhaps a tad on the dear side, but would be very simple!
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