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    Default Nexus 5 - a couple of things

    1. I'm really curious as to whether there's any way to get the walkman app from sony phones onto my nexus - I had an xperia not long ago and the app was just so good to use

    2. Is there any way to change the in-browser (chrome) default video player, to force the video to play with a third party app? e.g. if I try to watch a video in browser, it opens the video inside the browser window, and my only 3 options are pause/play, fullscreen, and select where on the timeline I wanna go. I don't like this and would much prefer to watch almost all videos with MX player. Just wondering if it's possible. Here's a pic of the default video player, I want to be able to play that kind of thing in MX player.

    Thanks people

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