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    Default Re: Scrolling through a PDF is jittery

    Ok thanks for the responses.

    Graphics drivers are up to date. RAM is in abundance in my system, so that shouldn't be the problem. The pages are showing continuously, so that's not the issue either.

    Thanks for the nitro recommendation, and it is smooth, but when I try to use the middle mouse button to scroll it drags instead. So in this webpage, if I press MMB and drag down, it'll scroll really smoothly, but if I do the same in nitro it will drag the PDF under my mouse, rather than scrolling if you get what I mean.

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    Default Re: Scrolling through a PDF is jittery

    Quote Originally Posted by inphinity View Post
    Correct, up to date graphics drivers installed?
    This. If you can't scroll smoothly, it's your GPU / drivers.
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    Default Re: Scrolling through a PDF is jittery

    Visit the mouse settings, specifically for the mouse wheel, and test (i.e. check/uncheck) any settings (e.g. vertical scrolling) If GPU/drivers then device manager for display adapters may display errors. Also you may need alter settings in the pdf - normally under edit preferences, including smooth scrolling, graphic acceleration, framerates, etc.
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