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    Will a wireless ac router improve performance of a n based network?
    Situation is on the fastvodafone cable network. Getting full speed on Ethernet, but only a quarter of the speed on the wireless. 6 wireless devices that are all n.
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    Never really thought about it, but according to 802-11ac-vs-802-11n-wifi-whats-the-difference/ its quite a bit faster /better.

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    It really depends on a number of things, and getting an 802.11ac router would require your connected devices also support that in order to benefit from it.
    What speeds are you actually attaining? I can easily attain over 100mbps on N-Wireless alone, especially on 5Ghz, from opposite ends of my house.

    Then it begs the question: How often do you need to shift speeds at faster than what 802.11n can actually sustain?
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    Depends on the quality of your wireless adapters and router too. My internet connection gets a speed test of approx 24Mbps via ethernet. If I use the technicolor router with wireless N to my smartphone it speed tests around 10-16 Mbps depending on where I am in the house. Using my Asus router instead as I normally do I get the full 24 Mbps all around the house. Both connections claim to be faster if you check the wi-fi meter in windows but the technicolor just doesn't deliver. I have a USB wireless N adapter that works pretty well but only can do 150Mbps and not the full 300Mbps than other adapters can (in theory at least).

    I haven't tried a file transfer or the like to see what local speeds I can get though, only internet speed tests. I can tell you it's good enough to stream netflix and full quality though.
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