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    Default Not Enough Buffer Space for Variables

    Recently I have been programming a menu system into an old Dos 6.2 computer. I have been using the command 'set' (for creating variables) a lot and have run out of buffer space for which to store my variables in. Can anyone tell me how to increase the buffer size??

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    You need to add to (or make) a CONFIG.SYS file.

    The line you need to increase the environment space is 'SHELL=COMMAND.COM /P /E: xxx'. If COMMAND .COM is in a sub directory, include the path. The default environment size ('xxx') is 512 (used to be 256) bytes, maximum is 32768. Try 1024 for a start. The /P option means load it 'permanently'. You can use /ML, /MH, or /MU to load it in the 640k space or in high memory or 'upper memory'. /MH is probably safe enough. You need a high memory driver loaded before this line.

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