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    Default Re: Installing Gargoyle on Technicolor TG589vn V2

    After talking it over with them, they're buying the TP-Link.

    Thanks for the advice everyone!

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    Default Re: Installing Gargoyle on Technicolor TG589vn V2

    A note on torrents, uTorrent which is very popular defaults to opening with windows and minimizing to the tray instead of closing. Going into the preferences and changing this behaviour is a good Idea if you are using it. You can also Set a limit on upload speed or set the share ratio lower. Actually the more I compare it to Deluge that I've just started using the more I realise uTorrent has a lot of annoying default settings.

    So if they use uTorrent go check how it's set up, it may be running permanently and seeding anything on the list.

    I'm seriously considering going to gargoyle myself but have been holding off spending any money on routers before fibre arrives here next year. Turns out my setup might be running double NAT but it's only failed twice in 2 years and currently has an uptime of more than 3 months so I'm not too worried about it free technicolor router and all.
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    Default Re: Installing Gargoyle on Technicolor TG589vn V2

    No torrents used, checked that today. Only just thought of it now, but could it be a Windows Update downloading, erroring, and then redownloading?

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