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    Default Kaveri CPU combined with dedicated graphics card

    My current computer system uses a quad core FX processor on a Gigabyte 990FXA board. If I wanted to upgrade the system and stay with AMD there is the new option of the Kaveri CPU that is also quad core combined with APU. This could be a stand-alone system without the need for a graphics card. All the supporting motherboards have a slot for a dedicated graphics card. Any midrange graphics cared will outperform the APU on the Kaveri chip.

    The question here is whether the APU on the Kaveri becomes completely redundant and inactive with the addition of a dedicated graphics card. If this is the case, then it offers no advantage over my current Quad Core FX chip.

    Is my understanding of the CPU architecture correct on this point?

    The only other advantage I see in the FM2+ socket motherboard and CPU is that there will be new generations of CPUs to support it. The AM3+ socket is reaching the end of his life and there will be no new developments in the FX line of processors.

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    Default Re: Kaveri CPU combined with dedicated graphics card

    If I was in your position I'd be inclined to buy another FX processor (6 or 8 core processor) than move to the FM2+ platform, their aren't any performance gains to be made by doing so and the only real benefit that comes to mind is a slight reduction in power consumption due to the newer manufacturing process.

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    Default Re: Kaveri CPU combined with dedicated graphics card

    Some AMD graphics cards will do hybrid Xfire with APU's and theoretically offer more performance. It only works with fairly low end cards though and most feedback I have seen says it's not worth the effort over just using an add in card. My APU has disabled it's GPU automatically while I'm using an Nvidia card but it may be possible to override that in BIOS or just by plugging a monitor into it. I'd hope it could do what my intel based machine does and use the integrated GPU for a secondary monitor while I drive the main one off a dedicated graphics card.

    As far as upgrading an AMD CPU goes, unless you can get more cores at the same speed or more than say a 10% clock speed bump you are unlikely to notice much of a difference. Much like intel the gains each generation have been fairly small overall and in some cases gone backwards (heavy FPU workloads I think it is due to shared resources) In the gaming charts for example the faster Phenom II chips still rate as comparable to any other AMD chip.
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