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    Thumbs down RAMGATE: GTX 970 ram issue

    what are people's thoughts on this issue that the 970 has ???

    I must say its quite dissapointing to see this kind of thing happen, its hard to believe that a "miscommunication" on specs of the card didnt go unnoticed for so long

    I love my Strix 970 but to have the performance gimped like it has, people on other forums have been trying to get refunds/upgrading to 980's.

    Anyone on here have a GTX 970??

    Do we have recourse to get a refund on the cards???
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    Default Re: RAMGATE: GTX 970 ram issue

    It performs right where it should, any faster and there'd be no point having a 980 at all. The fact they reported the specs wrong whether intentional or just a screw up makes no difference to the price/performance ratio of the card.
    My point is the value is the same as it was before you found out the specs were different. Personally I don't care about such things at all. All that matters to me is how much it costs and how well it runs my games. That hasn't changed for this card so I'm not worried about it. Having said that I don't own one, I went for the 980.
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