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    Default Victim helpless over stolen iPad

    Chalk another one up for the crims...

    A man who tracked his stolen iPad is disappointed police could not obtain a search warrant to recover it.
    The Napier tradesman had the iPad and about $7000 of equipment stolen from his van on Monday evening.

    Using the Find My iPad feature, an application that uses GPS to track the device, he tracked it to the suburb of Onekawa. Police applied for a search warrant for a specific address but a police spokeswoman said this was declined "on the basis that there wasn't enough evidence".

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    Default Re: Victim helpless over stolen iPad

    Can see the point of the warrant being refused. BUT 5-10 Mtrs accuracy is responsibly close esp if its a single property, not a set of flats.

    Had to use the android app on the new phone once, it wasn't stolen but had dropped out my pocket someplace at home, went onto the locator site, and it showed that the phone was at home , so told it to ring ( googles site makes it ring for 5 minutes at full volume) and then listen for it, found it rather quickly under the couch Couldn't simply call it, because the volume was muted, but googles android app over rides that and goes full Volume.

    I Wonder if the iPads can be made to emit a loud squeal or some other sound at full volume when being contacted, if they could, the cops could legally track it to the location (public access/road)then make it squeal -- that would be proof its there, warrant shouldn't be a problem then.

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