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    Angry Windows 10 --- Latest Tech Preview

    Microsoft have just put out the latest Tech Preview for general download - 9926.

    This first comment is for Gary67 (Sorry Mate but you were the first one I thought of) -- if MS stick to form - you'll sh1t bricks And stay with W7 -- Dont like the Kindy Icons,? They are also bunched together in different categories.

    Heres the New Default Start Menu:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Under all Apps ( down the bottom), when you click on it they are all listed 0-9 A-Z just like Windows 8.1 Start Screen. So all the kindy Tiles are mixed in with what ever programs are installed. OK they can be changed on the start menu, but the majority of general users wont know how or bother.
    Right clicking the start button still brings up the W8.1 style.

    1st impressions so Far out of 1-10 with 10 being great -- 2

    At least 75% of the network computers can no longer be accessed, when as before they were fine. Apart from 1 XP Machine, the only ones that can be accessed are Servers, any W7 or 8.1

    The PC is SLOWER, takes longer for things to load.
    At least 50% of the programs Ive installed, crash or lock up when opened, nothing fancy, just media players etc
    The icons have changed again,this is only cosmetic, but thats minor.

    Cortana Doesnt work yet - Not available in your reign

    Need to look at the other new options ( if they work) still.

    Just as well its only still in development - If it were final - even Free they can keep it - Id stay with 8.1
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