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    Default Turning on a compaq armada 1530dm


    I can't turn my compaq armada 1530 DM on - it has a slide switch, and a purple power button (both are power buttons) when i try them all that happens is the lights for HDD activty, num, caps and scroll lock come on - but it doesn't actually boot - i have had it boot up - but i don't know what i did to make it boot

    Thanks for any help!


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    Does the monitor come on? Can you see things on the screen? If not, check the cables (power and video) are connected. If it does - are you getting messages on the screen? At what point does it hang?

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    Default Re: Turning on a compaq armada 1530dm

    I have got it to turn on properly now, my new problem is that win98 won't recognise the modem, or any drivers that i put in (even from the compaq website) - any ideas?



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