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    Default Laptop thinks power cable is Ethernet Adapter

    I've never bothered to figure this out until now, as I have the laptop off the power more since i have a working battery that lasts.

    But ever since I've got this thing, when I plug in or plug out the power cable, the computer thinks it's a Broadcom Netlink Ethernet Adapter and says it can be saftly removed. Yet the power cable still works and does everything it should.

    I'm using Genuine Windows 7 Pro 64-bit which I installed when I got it (It had XP when I bought it)

    Just curious if this is a weird issue, as I'm worried it might play havoc with the battery.
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    Default Re: Laptop thinks power cable is Ethernet Adapter

    Probably the power settings for the ethernet device turning it on for mains and off for battery.

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