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    When I try to play a cd I get a message that the drive could not locate C:/Program exe which is needed to play Audio CD. I am running Windows 98SE Upgrade from Windows95. Is there any way to get the CD to start auto when disc is installed.I might have inaverdantly deleted the required Programe

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    You can try going to windows explorer, click on the tools menu and go to folder options, or go to the view menu then options, i am not sure which it is for win98.
    Once there click on the file types tab and go to the one labelled audiocd. click the change button and then select the play option, click edit and see what is written in the application box. If it has c:\program files\whatever.exe -play %1 or something like that make it say 'c:\program files\whatever.exe' -play %1 and make sure the quotes are in the right spots and it should work.

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    Windows 98...
    First fix to try:
    If you have your Windows CD-ROM available, insert it into your drive. From the start menu, select run, then type in VCMUI & click OK. If any windows OS files have been damaged or changed, they willbe restored from the original setup disks.
    2nd fix to try:
    Again, fron the start menu, select run, then type in SFC, press OK. This will check for any damaged or missing system files

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