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    Cool USB + Keyboard not working Toshiba c660

    My keyboard and my usb is not working on my Toshiba c660. Normally if keyboard is not working you connect an Usb Keyboard and then reinstall the drivers. So I can't do this. Also the option Fn f9 is not working as well because of the keyboard not working. Hope somebody can help me with this. Thanks guys !

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    Default Re: USB + Keyboard not working Toshiba c660

    Are any other USB devices working if plugged into the USB ports ?

    You can try booting he computer from a Linux live CD and see if they work, if not then the mother board may have a fault.

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    Default Re: USB + Keyboard not working Toshiba c660

    For what it's worth... I recently replaced a keyboard on a Toshiba. It wouldn't even get past boot up. A jammed key was effectively stopping boot process and thus the USB keyboard was no help. Replaced keyboard and everything was fine.
    Edited - when I disconnected the internal keyboard cable I found that the USB keyboard worked. That convinced me that the internal keyboard was faulty.
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