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    Default Latest Firefox issues...

    Upgraded to FF 33 a week or so back and soon noticed problems playing videos, from all sources. News videos on Stuff and the Herald, kept
    stalling out but could be kept going with mouse movements. Youtube was virtually unplayable. Many web pages also seemed to stall and could be moved on by moving the mouse. Knowing I had a new, clean install of Win 7, I ran the usual virus/malware type scans but all was clear. I reviewed all my drivers,
    had the latest Shockwave flash version, nothing helped. I googled the matter (as you do) and found that many others shared the identical
    issues, but it wasn't exactly an epidemic out there. After stuffing about for about 3 days, trying everything, I reverted to version 28 and now
    am back where I was before the upgrade, all seemingly OK again.

    Having wasted so much time on this thought I'd put it here in case someone else is sharing the drama.

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    Default Re: Latest Firefox issues...

    Its up to 33.01 now did you update it. Altho flash does stop responding sometimes. Its a piece of crap lol. It gets worse with every update

    Probably better if you use the html5 version of youtube. Then you wont need flash
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    Default Re: Latest Firefox issues...

    Yes, I think it was the 33.01 update that caused the problem. I keep things pretty well up to the mark as far as upgrades etc and have
    never had a real issue with FF in about 6 years, although have seen on this site that many others have had various problems. Guess my
    luck ran out. Thanks for the tip about html5, didn't know about that, will go and have a look at it.

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    Default Re: Latest Firefox issues...

    I have 33.0 and have noticed no problems at all.
    Youtube or anything else.
    wipe your paws.

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    Default Re: Latest Firefox issues...

    I had problems with videos, HTML5 is ok in a lot of things, but does not work on Daily Motion, NZ Herald etc.
    So, to save future kerfuffles, I downloaded FF29 and ran the installer. Sweet As.
    A quick jump to options and now FF no longer looks for updates, just like Windoze. When one of Mozilla's suggested fixes was to install an updated version of Real Player, that convinced me to get off the treadmill. I have not used Real Player in a very long time, Real Alternative is (for me) a great deal better, so any suggestion of going back to that POS poisoned the well for me.
    Now, I have FF29, and everything works most happily. Joy is abounding.
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    it used to be.

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    Default Re: Latest Firefox issues...

    Glad it wasn't just me, at least I now know I can go from 28 to 29 LOL.

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    Default Re: Latest Firefox issues...

    Odd, I haven't had any problems with FF33, which is now at 33.02 in either Win8.1 or Win 7. No video problems at any of the sites mentioned.

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