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    Question G-Box MX2 streaming box

    so my dad brought this up yesterday, someone at his work has this streaming box thing

    from what i can tell, it's a android version of a apple tv

    and was getting all excited about how his friend can stream all the live sport for free, like golf, soccer,motorsport etc.

    From what he told, his friend said this is all legal, that he doesnt have to pay a subscription to watch all this live sport content.

    I said that its not legal, as you have to pay a subsription here in NZ to get any live sport to watch

    He doesnt seem to understand that this isnt a problem, streaming the content for free

    help me out here.
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    Default Re: G-Box MX2 streaming box

    I bet he cant stream All Black games, LIVE . I bet he's exaggerating as to what he can actually stream LIVE
    It sounds like a bunch of BS to me.
    After all it seems to be just an android device with XBMC player , you can do that on a PC.

    Legality : It all depends on what he's streaming & where he's streaming it from. If he's paying for a legit streaming service shouldnt be an issue

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