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    Default Did any1 see breakfast ?

    Hey, did anyone see breakfast on Monday?
    If so, did u see the techo file (or wotever its called) with tht Pat Pilcha fellow?
    'cause I only saw a part of that, and I saw that handheld PDA, with 8mb, plays MP3 etc.
    but I didn't hear the name of it.
    If anyone saw it, and heard the name, could u please tell me.

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    Default Re: Did any1 see breakfast ?

    Email (or whatever it is) and ask them about it. I missed something Pat Pilcher had to say (I couldn't find a pen in time to write down a really long web address) about a year ago, so I just emailled them and they told me what it was... took them about a day to do it, but I got what I wanted

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