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    Default 40 mm Computer fans

    Hi Guys,
    I have a old 40mm fan which makes a lot of noise when running and going to replace it. The old fan is only two wires red and black. The new fan which I got from the computer shop which they ordered in has 3 wires red, black, yellow. If I connect up the red and black wires as the same as the old fan will the new fan still work or do I have to wire up the yellow as well.

    Thanks John.

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    Default Re: 40 mm Computer fans

    This may help Red and black should be enough. Red is 12v black is ground. yellow will be RPM which you cant use anyway

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    Default Re: 40 mm Computer fans

    Yeah just use red\black the same for power. Yellow wire will be RPM readout - you can connect it to a sensor on your motherboard if you have one, otherwise just ignore it.
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