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    Talking Stuff does it again


    Speed cameras are issued to a vehicle owner. If you are not the driver, you can request the ticket is transferred to the driver.

    Next time you get a speeding ticket - ring and ask "Where is my Camera?".
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    Default Re: Stuff does it again

    Yes, one each please.

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    Default Re: Stuff does it again

    Ellis saw this as the thin edge of a problem that would grow as electronic surveillance widened ''and we have legal provisions that treat digital images as gospel''.
    Very good point, not that photo manipulation didn't exist pre-digital, but now it's much easier to do....
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    People can request from police a free copy of the speed camera ticket.
    I think that they mean here that the vehicle owner can request a free copy of the speed camera photo.

    A vehicle that I was allegedly driving was caught speeding by a speed camera. The camera ticket was passed onto me so I sent a letter to the Police requesting a copy of the photo. I explained that I was the driver of the vehicle at the time of the alleged offence. The Police sent me a nice reply saying that as I was not the owner of the vehicle I could not have a copy of the photo. I never did get that photo for my photo album.
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