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    Default Re: Livestream Computer

    So the mining didn't pan out then?

    Would the greater efficency of the nVidia Maxwell architecture have made
    enough difference? It would be hard to beat ASICs and FPGAs though.

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    Default Re: Livestream Computer

    Lets not to hijack the thread, I'll answer but lets leave it there. Happy to discuss coin mining elsewhere.

    I got into it too late to make any money, if I'd started at least 3 months earlier I would have made a bit and a year earlier I could have potentially made quite a lot.
    The Maxwell architecture only served to catch Nvidia up to AMD in terms of mining viability but was too late to make an impact. The difficulty of Litecoin mining has risen to the point some time ago where the power costs of running a mining rig in NZ exceed the value of the coins you get in return, if you wanted to invest in litecoins you can get them cheaper by simply buying them.

    While not many people currently have the ASIC's they do exist and are contributing to ever increasing difficulty, mining litecoins with GPU's is no longer worthwhile. If you could order one of the ASIC's and receive it within a week it would likely make you good money, but with uncertain supply times in the range of several months it's a complete gamble as to whether you could make a profit at all by the time it turns up.

    I more or less broke even by the time I sold of most of the hardware, might have lost 200-300 but kept some of the hardware so maybe not.
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    Default Re: Livestream Computer

    Quote Originally Posted by dugimodo View Post
    You could look at one of those ex lease machines that some shops like PB tech seem to have in bulk. Something like this
    They have smaller tidier and cheaper ones, I just filterd for 4GB of RAM and picked one as an example.

    Even if you picked one of the cheaper models and did a RAM upgrade if it needed it. I used to use an optiplex 755 core 2 duo as my media machine and it played/streamed everything I threw at it with ease even before I upped it to 4GB of RAM.
    My foray into coin mining left me with excess hardware though so it got replaced with something faster and I gave it away.
    You my man are a genius! I didn't even think of looking there. Thanks

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