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    Default Re: any builders on here? flooring q's

    Just a thought, we have a waterproof vinyl in our bathroom, goes up the walls a little bit. This stops any internal water getting where it shouldn't. Could be right for you?

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    Default Re: any builders on here? flooring q's

    that can help. on mine i sealed behind the skirting board.
    however it won't stop moisture from under the house from going up the wall.
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    Default Re: any builders on here? flooring q's

    Just had a quick read here, and I apologise up front that I have not had the time to read all the replies, so forgive me if I duplicate this advice from someone.

    From the images on the first page that you posted, my suggestion would be to fit some nogs under each join in the flooring.
    so, under the bottom plates, you should put a nog each side of them running longways to it so that the join runs down the middle of the nog. This will lift the edges of the floor.
    You also need to fit nogs under each join of the ply to prevent the joins separating. (I assume it is tongue & groove joins? - if not this is even more important.)
    The nogs should be 6x2, but you may not be able to fit that in, so at a minimum use 4x2. - To do this you first need to remove what appears to be excess Gorilla Glue from the joins.

    It would be helpful if you had someone with a straight edge or long level watching the floor level as you do this, because you may need to alter the height where you put the nogs. Depending on how the floor was set up in the first place.
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