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    Default Driver for Huawei Smartphone

    Hi, I need a driver (msm7627a) to enable me to connect my Huawei G510-0100 smartphone to a Windows Vista computer.
    Any suggestions re a safe site from which to download the driver please? I can't find any reference to the driver on Huawei's support/download site.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Driver for Huawei Smartphone

    You don't need one. Just plug it in. It's probably trying to install a virtual CD drive to install some additional PC-based software. You should be able to cancel it and have it show up straight as a normal thumb drive in your PC!
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    Default Re: Driver for Huawei Smartphone

    Thanks Chilling_Silence.
    All sorted now. This was my first smartphone and I didn't realise that it had to be switched on before connecting to computer. I'm so used to cameras and my GPS unit which get powered up by computer.

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