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    Hi, there is someone here who is an optometrist

    I haven't used contacts for yrs now - they were permanent soft ones (toric). I am now looking at getting disposables for the odd occasion and we might go for a ski trip this year. Any optometrist (or chain stores) that you suggest or avoid? There will be the eye test, but how much contact lens fitting test are needed?

    My last contacts are from 1999. These were montly disposables I had for a short while before moving back to perms.
    R -1.00 / -0.75 x 180
    L -1.00 / -1.25x170

    My current specs are from 2005 - my eyesight doesn't change much.
    R -1.00 / -1.00x180
    L -1.00 / -1.75x5


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    I'm in Wellington. I figure I mention that so you don't presume I'm in Auckland

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    Default Re: Contact lenses

    Paul.cov is the man

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
    Any optometrist (or chain stores) that you suggest or avoid? :
    Clearly Contacts in fairly new in NZ....seem to have good reviews
    wipe your paws.

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    Hi. Sorry for the late reply, I've been quite distracted lately.

    CL materials have evolved a lot over the 14 or so years since your last purchase, so odds are that your previous disposable brand has been retired and is unavailable.

    Ideally you should have a trial run with an updated material so that they can determine that the fit of the newer lens is still healthy.

    You can't rely on your comfort as a measure of how good the fit is - they need to be examined under the microscope while being worn (slit lamp biomicroscope, if you want the jargon)

    Give some thought to whether you want 1 day disposables, or a longer lifespan like 2 or 4 weeks.

    Dailies are realy convenient when you only wear them occasionally. Longer life models may work out more economical over the longer term if being used on a regular basis.

    Your old CL solutions and case should be condemned to the rubbish bin. Start again with fresh supplies.

    You've got a pretty standard script, but the astigmatism complicates it a bit, requiring a 'toric' style of contact lens to correct the astigmatism.

    PM me if you need more, coz I may not drop in here much otherwise.

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