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    Default Monitor stand, thumbs up

    I admit I spend way too much on technology, so if you're on a budget read another thread.

    In a bit of overkill, I replaced my monitor's stand for NZ $230, because it was missing landscape / portrait rotation.

    The NZ $230 Ergotron LX desk mount is very well built, and can handle a 11 Kg / 42" monitor. (I have a very large and heavy HP Z30i 30 Inch IPS Monitor.)

    You can adjust the height quickly, so that it's eye height even while you are standing.

    As you'd expect with this hefty price tag, it really is a thing of beauty, and very sturdy.

    There's a number of NZ distributors.

    With it's accessories, you can mount two monitors either side-by-side or horizontally, and move them together as a unit.

    I expect many years of service from it.

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    Default Re: Monitor stand, thumbs up

    Personally I can't fathom why anyone would want/need one of these, given the intrusion of it on your deskspace.
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    Default Re: Monitor stand, thumbs up

    I have my 24" Samsung LED-LCD screen on the same cantilevered wall mount that I used to hold a 21" IBM CRT monitor until just a year or so back, and Billy Jnr's identical Samsung monitor is on a slightly less substantial cantilever mounted on his desk. My wall mount doesn't intrude into my desk space at all, and the other desk mount takes up no more space than a coffee mug. I had a third for our daughter's monitor, but that one is now stored away.

    I got all three for a song second-hand and they were the best things I ever bought, so I put my office Sanyo 24" LED-LCD TV on a wall mount as well, and suddenly I had desk space for Africa, so I filled it with three printers and a scanner!


    Billy 8-{)
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    Default Re: Monitor stand, thumbs up

    Hafele sell mounts similar to that right here in NZ you can even pay with NZ$'s. Don't know the cost but can check tomorrow. We all use them at my work but then since we buy huge amounts of Hafele kitchen hardware we get them for nix.

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