I have a couple of questions about Outlook-Express...
Ist - while on line, if for some reason I lose my ISP, this program doesn't seem to like it much...
It crashes - especually if I'm browsing the news groups...
Anoying more than anything

2nd - Is there anyway of 'telling' the program that you want it to look for it's stored information elsewhere -
such as mail or news.
I know you can when you install it,
but there must be another way of telling it to look elsewhere (instead of windows\aplication data\microsoft..)

Any help would be appreciated - thanx.

Oh - my system:
(not that it's important though - at least I don't think so)
P-II 266
Windows 98
4Gig drive
3.5Gig drive
Diamond Data 32x cd rom drive
Ricoh cd writer
Matrox Graphics
Rainbow Runner

Thanx again.