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    Default Re: New Build almost there - Two Problems

    If Dick Smith ever sold them they sure won't now. Even Jaycar probably doesn't.

    However I have bought them (well, larger ones) before from Farnell, likely RS also has them. But it would make more sense to just get some from Wainuitech.... for 2-pin for 3-pin
    (If anyone is interested)
    Non-system disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready.

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    Default Re: New Build almost there - Two Problems

    pctek; Around 25 yrs ago friend walked into one to buy a computer. They laughed and said she was too old.

    Big mistake, she walked out, went over the road and bought one cash on the spot.

    She was in her '60s then, had masses of money and spent quite a lot over the years, never again with DSE........she now owns an Ipad....being her latest purchase.
    I'm not quite in my 60's - but the story is pretty much what happened to me - right down the the iPad (and I don't have masses - but I do have 'enough')
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