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Thread: Drink driving

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metla View Post
    Clearly punishment is working, Might as well ramp it up.
    Just as much to do with social engineering .
    Drink driving is seen as Absolutely unacceptable behavior now, back in the bad old days it was just a bit naughty & we just accepted it.

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    I remember during the 50's I was working on a Tea estate and owned a Chevrolet 1948 Style-master in mint condition. I had a car port which was just big enough for the car. I remember coming back from the Club one night, parking the car, getting out and crawling to the house door, couldn't stand up - legless! Next morning I had a look and the car was unscratched, parked perfectly in the car port. There wasn't much traffic there.

    When I came to New Zealand I had a job in Hamilton. After work everyone headed for the Pub to drink as much as possible before 6 o'clock closing. Very scary, everyone was pissed on an empty stomach!

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    The 6 o'clock swill was always a rush to drink as much as you could after work till closing time. When 10 o'clock closing came in it took us quite a bit of time for kiwis to get used to it. People continued to drink as before but could stay in the bar till ten. Result - drunks everywhere. Things have gradually become more civilised as we adapted.
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