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Thread: scam ???

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    Thumbs down scam ???

    Just received an e-mail from "European Lottery Guild" advising of the great wonders available to win.
    Would advise anyone to be very wary - Google it.
    Quite interesting results from Google.
    Cheers all
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    Default Re: scam ???

    There a a billion of these around. They come via email, txt and apparently (so old fashioned) snail mail.
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    Default Re: scam ???

    Sounds too good to be true.

    There are a lot of friendly Nigerians who are supposedly keen to give away millions of dollars.
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    Default Re: scam ???

    If you have to ask whether it's a scam, it usually is.

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    Default Re: scam ???

    Oh ye of little faith. Have faith, trust them, and send the money. All good lotteries require you to send money, just look how much smiling local people will give to Lotto tonight.
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