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    Default deleting email with outlook

    IS it possible to delete your Oulook 2000 inbox, or even just one email perhaps, without opening outlook?
    These emails must be stored in a folder somewhere - where do I look? how do I do it?
    I have a virus attached to an email (badtrans) which I've learnt will infect me if I just click on it or have the preview, so I dont want to open it from within outlook if theres another way... PLEASE tell me that there IS another way? *beg*

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    Default Re: deleting email with outlook

    There is another solution - maybe. What ISP are you using? I don't know about the others but Actrix and I think Xtra let you access your emails from online and you could just go there and delete it from there without opening anything.

    Ask your ISP if your email can be accessed online.

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    Default Re: deleting email with outlook

    If you've got Outlook to open straight to your inbox this might be a problem, but shouldn't be. You should be able to open Outlook, turn off any previews that you have, then click ONCE on your email to select it (this won't open it, therefore it won't execute any virus, unless you've got preview on, which you should have turned off by now). Once you have selected the email with the virus, hold down the SHIFT button and click on the big X in the toolbar to delete. It'll ask you if you want to delete that email permanently, so click YES and voila, its gone!

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    Default Re: deleting email with outlook

    Yes I have access to my email on the web, but once it's in my outlook inbox it's gone from the web, so that's no good.
    The newer viruses dont need to be opened, previewing sets them off but with also just selecting it apparently (a risk I was hoping to avoid) so clicking to delete wasn't an option either.
    tricky huh?
    I thought I'd uninstall outlook then reinstll but computers are too darned clever these days and after doing that my address book AND my emails were all still there!!
    in the end I just clicked it - deleted it, and cleaned the puta out. *sigh* easier in the long run!
    but I'm still interested to hear if anyone knows a way to delete one mail or an entire inbox without going into it.

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