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    Default Re: PC power usage a month

    Quote Originally Posted by wuppo View Post
    How about a bank of these at 1.6GH/s / 2watts?

    Delivery seems a bit tardy with this supplier - certainly not the 7 day EMS delivery quoted, but I wait in hope
    I don't think that could even do Litecoin.
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    Default Re: PC power usage a month

    You're right - my bad - different algorithm.
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    Default Re: PC power usage a month (Litecoin mining)

    Yeah sha256 vs scrypt...

    There are ASIC miners out there, but it's freaking retarded...
    Like a single USB miner for like 60kH/sec means that I'd need 15 of these:
    15 of them at $150 a pop. That's $2.5K for what a _single_ GPU of mine is currently doing. Granted the power usage of the USB ones is going to be a wee bit less but still...

    Plus there's some interesting logic behind investing in ASIC etc here:
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    Default Re: PC power usage a month (Litecoin mining),3750.html

    The first of the new Nvidia cards actually has a higher KH/s per watt figure than AMD for the first time, could be worth watching.
    The 750Ti is a 60W card and 4 of them would out hash a single 290X for less cost and lower power consumption - except of course fitting 4 of them onto a board is an issue and you couldn't do 8 Still when higher tier cards arrive it could be interesting, perhaps Nvidia is after some of those litecoin sales.

    I wouldn't reccomend getting in litecoins at the moment though, the difficulty is increasing and the price dropping. It's looking unlikely you'd recover the hardware costs.
    Still my goal with my litecoin experiment is to break even and the hardware will have some resell value meaning I don't have to recover all the costs to hit my target. If you already have a gming rig with AMD cards though it might still be worth doing when you are not using the PC.
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