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    Default Monitors and DVI cable

    Just notice that most monitors (LG, ViewSonic, Asus, etc.) don't come with DVI signal cables, only D-sub cables; and funny thing is that most new motherboards have only DVI output connectors.

    What logic is this?

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    Default Re: Monitors and DVI cable

    Most new mobos if the video is onboard have VGA,DVI and HDMI, and sometimes displayport. The Samsung I brought not so long ago, didn't have DVI. Only HDMI or VGA

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    Default Re: Monitors and DVI cable

    Good point actually, they give you cables you are unlikely to need and ignore the ones you probably will. Maybe there's an oversupply of VGA cables to get rid of.
    On the other hand my last few graphics cards have included a HDMI cable and at least one of my Monitors did include a DVI cable as well as a D-sub so I haven't needed to buy any cables as yet. A DVI cable costs about $10 at PBtech though so not a huge deal.

    Or it could just be that D-sub is still the most universal standard despite being rather out of date. My current monitor has no DVI inputs just HDMI, D-sub, and composite and although HDMI is on most graphics cards these days it hasn't been universally adopted.
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    Default Re: Monitors and DVI cable

    They possibly think that as HDMI and DVI-D are basically the same signal that you
    will use a DVI-D to HDMI adapter cable.

    Or they are cheapasses!!!

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