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    Default A virus to turn off anti-virus programs

    Think how much trouble that would course, that is why we should stop these stupid games and why I made the other post yesterday at 12.19pm.
    And try and stop it when it comes from the ISP. (and their customers)

    We need to try something that will work, so far it has failed.

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    Default Re: A virus to turn off anti-virus programs

    Easily fixed.

    Don't accept attachments. Don't send attachments.

    Email used to be perfectly usable, when an average email was a 1kB ASCII text file. Virus free. And it used to get to and from NZ when the total Internet bandwidth was 56kb/s.

    There is a rule of technology: just because it is possible does not make it a good idea.

    Consider the stupidity of some mail I have had which appears as the text -- perfectly readable, with an attachment which is the same thing, formatted in HTML. And people who send email which requires the recipient to have Microsoft Word to read it.

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    Default Re: A virus to turn off anti-virus programs

    Agree completely with Grahame, it's not all that long ago when the maximum e-mail file size sendable was about 60KB, or less. That was when Microsoft thought the Internet would never catch on. Now we have people trying to send 6MB music files as attachments, how crazy can one get. Must be nearly the ultimate in self-inflicted torture. Most of the problems have been caused by MS adding so many bells and whistles to Outlook/Express, and its just a pain when people have HTML formatting enabled by default, so that as Grahame says you get the message twice one in ASCI text, one as an HTML attachment.
    I use a very tiny e-mail client called Foxmail which does all that I want, and hopefully no-one out there can be bothered to find the security holes in it.
    If e-mail clients had remained just simple plain text senders many of the current problems would not be there.

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