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    Question Reformatting Slave

    A little while back my 2nd computer died so I decided that I would install the old hard drive (Western Digital), with a full WinXP installation on it, in my current machine as a slave drive.

    My question: Can I completely reformat the slave drive to wipe it clean of the OS and use it as a clean empty drive while it is installed as a slave? If so, what are the steps to do it without screwing up the master drive or make the slave drive useless?

    Many thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: Reformatting Slave

    If you want to leave the slave empty, so you can download whatever to it.

    Connect it to the current PC as a slave (make sure to jumper it as slave, if its IDE) boot into Windows, then go to control panel / admin tools (whatever the new OS is) Computer Management / Disk Management. Highlight the slave then do a quick format

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    Default Re: Reformatting Slave

    Another way to format the slave drive, once its connected, double click My Computer or Computer Depending on OS, then right click the Slave drive / Format you'll get a warning, just carry on and the slave drive will be wiped / re formatted.
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