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    Default Video failure online

    Quite suddenly, for no apparent reason, I find that I cannot play online videos such as those from YouTube, TED, the BBC and etectera. Some will start, run for a few seconds and then stop. I have the same result on Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. I am running Windows 7 and have 64 bit Java 7 update 45 installed. Video files on the hard drive all run okay. Suggestions on a resolution appreciated.

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    Default Re: Video failure online

    Is the latest version of Flash installed? 11.9.900.170?

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    Default Re: Video failure online

    Yes, I have that version of Flash installed...

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    Default Re: Video failure online

    Have you checked that your download speed is still what it should be?

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    Telecom test gives me a download speed of 10.86mbps. Download speed has always seemed okay to me...

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    Default Re: Video failure online

    Check that the flash player addon has not been "disabled" in the browser

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    Flash player is installed and enabled. Yesterday I went to the Firefox help forum and found that I am not alone with this problem, hundreds, possible thousands are encountering the same. One response suggested uninstalling Firefox - rebooting the computer - then reinstall Firefox. It worked, but only briefly, this morning I'm back to normal - that is, I still can't play the videos!

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    Default Re: Video failure online

    Clearly Firefox isn't the issue as you said it is doing the same thing with two other browsers too (Chrome and Internet Explorer) so the problem has to be some underlying cause that affects all the browsers.

    I've recently had TVNZ On Demand videos stop for no apparent reason lately ... sometimes I can fiddle around to get them to restart or refresh the page, etc. Youtube, etc hasn't been a problem recently for me though. I'm using Firefox 26 on Kubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS. I had a thought that maybe you need to clear the web cache out in Firefox but then again that would only be an issue with Firefox. How much space is on your hard drive?
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    Default Re: Video failure online

    Rod, I have 202 Gb on drive 'C'.

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    Default Re: Video failure online

    That is 202Gb free on drive'C"

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