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    Default Yahoo Xtra BCC problem

    Friend has problem with sending BCC emails. They just don't arrive at their destination and no error messages. Same emails sent with "To" arrive fine.

    Anyone else got this one??

    And, yes, I have told him to ditch xtra!!!

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    Default Re: Yahoo Xtra BCC problem

    I have seen that before, but it was an intermittent problem that fixed itself. Never did find any reason for it.
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    Default Re: Yahoo Xtra BCC problem

    That's the story with yahoo/xtra, though, isn't it.

    This friend was trying to send 84 BCC emails to club members, which he regularly does, so he tried a few times! But no deluge has hit yet so they are still in never never land.

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    Default Re: Yahoo Xtra BCC problem

    Never had a problem with it, sorry.
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    Default Re: Yahoo Xtra BCC problem

    Interesting this is being commented on.
    Was a big problem earlier in the week some pals were talking about.
    I tested it myself last Tuesday when some reported the issue. Emails only turned up for 2/3 of the list of correct and active addresses I put in Bcc. They remain 'lost' as of today.

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