After recently installing IE5 I experienced problems when trying to print with my Epson Stylus400 colour printer. All my print jobs are queued but will not print to printer. Uninstalling IE5 was to no avail and the problem persists. I have a backup tape drive and a zip drive on the same port (LP1)and they both work fine. I even tried plugging my printer directly to the port but still no joy. The rub is that the Epson printer works fine on my old P75! Also my old HP540C works fine on my current system - PII 266mhz/win98/64mb RAM/ 6GB hard drive (PC Direct machine). Any ideas?
Secondly, after using my computer for a while, either on the net or just playing around, my system becomes very sticky and sluggish. For instance, the mouse will move jerkily and the sound card reverberates when a sound is produced. This even happens when the machine has been sittig idle for a while. I thought it may be something to do with my power settings and I have disabled all of these via control panel.
(not at setup though). It is extremely irritating! Lastly, and it may be an indicator to a system problem, after playing a game of freecell and closing it down I get a GPF, QUOTE:FREECELL caused a fault in Module Unknown at address 59c7:3de2 (0000:3de2)UNQUOTE.
Once again, a minor defect but annoying all the same. Hope someone can be of help and thanks for your time.
Ron Keilty