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    Default Microphone won't work!

    I have plugged a microphone into the back microphone socket and attempted to test it on the audio tuning wizard in 'MSN Messenger'. But it will not work! Has any one had experience with voice chatting on 'MSN Messenger'?
    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Microphone won't work!

    First set it up using the Mixer etc so that you can talk into the microphone and record yourself. The microphone will probably be muted in the Windows mixer.

    *Then* try more complicated things.

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    Default Re: Microphone won't work!

    Maybe the response so far has resolved your problem. If not this maybe helpful to you, and others. Win95/98 has two 'mixers' for sound as follows:
    Play control - this controls the inputs,& levels of the sound from your pc speakers.(in this you need to 'mute' any unwanted inputs, e.g. mic, to avoid feedback when recording)
    Record control - this controls the inputs & levels of the sound to record to a recorder program, or transmit using online phone & talk programs.(in this you need to 'select' the wanted input, e.g. mic when recording)
    Both need to be setup, depending on what you want to do. Have a look at this site. It is a good guide to setting both mixer controls.

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    Default Re: Microphone won't work!

    I used to have the same problem. It worked fine with windows sound recorder.

    What I found out was my soundcard needed to be of the full duplex variety but wasn't
    (cheap mobo sound chip).

    Not sure if this is still the case but it may be the cause of your problem.

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    Default Re: Microphone won't work!

    Hi Trevor,
    msn requires a full duplex sound card for chat.If your computer is of the earlier versions it might pay to check this, by looking in multimedia in the controll panel, or the web site of the manufacter of your sound card.

    then mute your microphone volume control, and set it at about half.
    next click options, properties, recording, and select microphone, set the volume at about half, and click ok all the way out.

    Microphones are very sensitive to background noise,
    which can cause chopping when chatting, I suggest a headset would be a better proposition for clear sound.
    If you have a half duplex card, it will work on paltalk.
    good luck,

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    Default Re: Microphone won't work!

    i too have the same prob since i have downloaded the new MSN messenger it does not work , but it does in net meeting ? why? it used to work, help .thanx dave

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