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    Default Modem stops downloading but connection doesn't drop

    A friend recently gave me (!) his old computer with a Celeron processor, running Windows 98SE. I don't know the exact make of the V34 modem on this system, but its FCC ID is H8NV1433VQH-R. The System Properties Device Manager shows it as a Rockwell 33.6 DPF Internal PnP, but he said it was a KTX brand.

    My problem is that although the modem connects fine to any of my three ISPs (Xtra, Paradise and Z-Free), after a few minutes of perfect operation, it suddenly stops downloading pages for a minute or two at a time, though the connection itself doesn't drop. Then it suddenly starts happily downloading again, until a few minutes later it does it again. And so it goes on, with no difference made by which ISP I use.

    On my previous computer (a PC Direct Pentium 166 MMX) using the exact same line nd jackpoint I had no modem problems at all. So the line itself doesn't seem to be at fault.

    Some reading on the interent shows that my problem MAY be 'retraining', so I tried slowing down the connection by adding this AT command to the modem:
    But the problem still isn't solved.

    I also tried updating the driver by searching on the FCC number, and came up with an Askey driver for a 1433VQH-R internal modem. I applied this, and now my Device Manager shows the modem as a VACF 336 MODEM. But it seesm to make no difference to my modem's operation, and the problem remains.

    Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Modem stops downloading but connection doesn't drop

    thats what u call zfree - it happens on my new laptop too - IBM Thinkpad X20. Yes it speeds and slows down repeatedly.

    Another fact is on the same comp I find zfree downloads at 5k and then becomes 0.05k. I tried clear and it does at 5k constantly. Free isp speaks for themselves.

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    Default Re: Modem stops downloading but connection doesn't drop

    But, as I said above, it isn't just Z-Free - it is also Paradise and Xtra. And all three of them worked perfectly a couple of weeks ago on my old computer. I'm sure it isn't the ISPs, but something wrong somewhere in how my connection or modem is set up.

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    Default Re: Modem stops downloading but connection doesn't drop

    Have you tried your old computer recently... You may find that it has the same problems... It may come down to the fact that a lot of school kids have finished school, or are finishing school, so there's a lot of traffic at the moment. I've noticed a big slow down in my connections over the last couple of weeks too - and that's with absolutely no changes to hardware.

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    Default Re: Modem stops downloading but connection doesn't drop

    Do you use ZoneAlarm, I find that when ZA is running Zfree seems to stop and start alot, but as soon as I close ZA everything comes back to normal. Time for a new firewall I think.


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    Default Re: Modem stops downloading but connection doesn't drop

    Hi Roly,from the numbers quoted it sounds like the modem may be a Dynalink.Have a look at their site, and see if you can find anything.
    Hope this helps

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