Subject: Joystick problem!!

Dear Sir,
I have a problem with my recently bought joystick. I bought the complete
package of Flight Simulator '98 with the Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro
joystick. My computer has Windows '95 , CPU 233MHz ,32 Mb RAM and Yamaha
OPL3-SA2 Sound/Video Card.
The software for the joystick loaded without problems. In Windows, Control
Panel and Game Controllers my joystick tests alright. Under the General
Tab, Controller Name is right plus Status is o.k. Go to Properties, Test
all lights of joystick buttons light up. Stick function is o.k. as well.
When I go to Advanced, Controller ID is 1 and as Game Controller shows
Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro. Port Driver is Standard Game port.
This is where I feel,might be the problem) There is a tick on the line:
Poll with interrupt enabled, whatever that means. In Control Panel, System
Properties, Device Manager under sound, game and video controllers it shows
Yamaha OPL3-SA2 Gameport. Driver file to this device is:
c:\windows\system\vjoyd.vxd. Device is working properly is says.
Now my problem is, the joystick won't work with the Flight Simulator
( and other game programs). The Flight Simulator program doesn't always
up there is a joystick available. If it does, and you go to Calibrate,
the General Tab it shows Game Controller the Microsoft Sidewinder Precision
Pro but the status is flashing between Ok and Not Connected.
I have tried all sorts of things like deleting and reinstalling the
software. Visiting the Microsoft Webpage without results. I hope you can
help me or direct me in the right direction. Your help is much appreciated.

Best regards, Rob