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    What is locked memory

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    Hi Charles,

    Locked memory is memory that can not be paged or swapped out of physical memory to disk. I guess it helps speed up memory intensive software, although I don't know of any really that use it, and I don't know how to do it


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    Thanks for your reply,
    My computer is running slow and I am getting lot's of lock ups
    and crashes.
    I have done all the usual disc clean-ups de frag etc. I have
    lots of room on the hard drive and I am free from Virus according
    to the latest copy of Norton.
    In trying to find out what is wrong I used System monitor (Win98)
    and looked at some of the graphs on Memory.
    The locked memory graph shows 75MG of locked memory out of (128MG)
    that is with no applications running and with everything taken out of the start up menu.
    I checked a similar machine to mine and it showed 7.5MG of locked memory with no apps. running.
    Any idea on what may be the reson for so much locked memory and is it significant to
    the slow running of my computer.

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