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    Default AthonXP or Pentium 4?

    I'm looking to buy a new computer in the new year and don't know if I should be buying Athlon or Pentium. From what I've read Athlon delivers better performance, but I've heard of older Athlon chips burning up. I have also heard that the Pentium chips are more stable than their cheaper Athlon counterparts. Does anyone out their have any views on the matter?

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    athoXP is generally faster and cheaper than the p4. however if overheated they can burn out.
    also the ram.....rdram is still dearer than ddr thou there are a few ddr p4 mobo's.

    unless your setting up a pc specially for a certain task which favours the p4 the athoXP is the better buy.

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    Default Re: AthonXP or Pentium 4?

    Hi Greg

    I currently have a PC being built at the mo with an Athlon XP 1600+ (1.4Ghz) CPU in it before i ordered my PC i did a solid month of research and reading reveiws. Go to and read the technical stuff and benchmarks and you'll soon be convinced.


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    Default Re: AthonXP or Pentium 4?

    It seems that Intel bowed to consumer pressure recently, and now almost all of their P4 mobos are DDR or SDRAM, and that makes them slightly cheaper. I would pick the P4 over the Athlon because I've found them (Intel) to be more stable over time, and more reliable, even if they are slightly more expensive. It might be worth it in the long run.

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    hi Greg,

    I would suggest you buy a P4 but not until February as the price/performance ratio will be sweet then. Make sure the motherboard takes a 478 pin CPU so you can upgrade later if you so desire. As others have pointed out, if you are on a buget get a board that supports DDR memory. Don't bother with a SDRAM based board. RDRAM will be a tad faster than DDR but is very expensive. P4 has a lot more headroom, AMD are already resorting to PR ratings to make it appear that their clock speeds are climbing.

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    Default Re: AthonXP or Pentium 4?

    Hello Greg,

    The problem with asking the type of question you have, is you are going to get a heap of replies from people who are either misinformed or just pushing their own particular theory as to which is better.

    You would be far better off going to some of the 'trusted and unbiased review / testing sites' and see what they have to say, the two prime ones I would recommend are and
    you will find several very well balanced reviews at these sites, which should help you make your mind up.

    My personal preference would be the Athlon XP1600 only marginally slower than the XP1800, yet far quicker than the P4 2GHz in most everyday
    applications and far cheaper than both the previous mentioned.

    The one thing to beware of is if buying an XP choose your Motherboard carefully as several around are showing stability problems when running at the high end of performance.


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    Default Re: AthonXP or Pentium 4?

    hi Alan,

    what raises YOUR opinion above that of the 'misinformed or [those] just pushing their own particular theory as to which is better'??


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