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    Default Connect laptop to bluetooth speaker


    I have a laptop with blue tooth capability.

    How do I connect my laptop to blue tooth speaker?

    Fyi, My OS is Windows 7 home premium 64 bit


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    Default Re: Connect laptop to bluetooth speaker

    Make sure the bluetooth is turned on, then try this ( step 2 onwards) --- how-to-setup-bluetooth-device-pairing-with-windows-7/

    You may have to install special drivers if the speakers came with them.

    It wasn't mentioned what speakers you have, but the logitech instructions may help as well ( last post page 1)
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    Default Re: Connect laptop to bluetooth speaker


    It still doesn't work.

    Each time I choose "add device" an error message appears "unable to detect remote device".

    Fyi, I can connect my smart phone to this blue tooth speaker ( JBL flip ) without any problem.


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    Default Re: Connect laptop to bluetooth speaker

    According to the JBL site

    3. How do I pair the the unit?

    Turn the JBL Flip on by pressing the power button. Make sure your device is in pairing mode. Hold down the power button on the JBL Flip until the light flashes blue and red. The two devices will sync together and you will hear a tone from the JBL Flip indicating it is successful.

    Did you do this?

    The next question is: Can it be paired to more than one device at a time?

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    Default Re: Connect laptop to bluetooth speaker

    Yes, it works.

    Thanks for advise

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