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Thread: Sport ?

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    Angry Sport ?

    So SBW is signing for another bucket of money from the "Chiefs".
    Wow - I can hardly wait to hear the commentators drool and drool as usual,
    Sure he's a good player but his ethics suck.
    Heavyweight boxing champion of NZ - for fighting a couple of fat unfit pensioners
    then in his last fight, when he was getting a hiding, the fight was shortened by two rounds.?
    Sportsman - don't make me laugh - it's all money !!!
    The floggings will continue until morale improves.
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    Default Re: Sport ?

    In always think of this guy a some sort of show pony.

    Paul W
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    Default Re: Sport ?

    Who Money Bill Millions?

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    Default Re: Sport ?

    SBW huh?
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    He can be a great player but I am always waiting for him to crash and burn. Like half killing a player with a league "hit" right before end time where a penalty would lose us the game.

    Better off without him I feel.

    As far as his boxing goes...... my 84 year old neighbour was a professional boxer (lightweight) in his early years. His opinion of SBW... only fights the older unfit guys who are past it and need more money for their retirement. He said a decent boxer would half kill poor old SBW in short time.



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    Funny how in NZ everyone gets their panties in a twist over a sportsman following the dollar, yet over here it doesn't even rate a mention.

    Somewhere along the way I lost the ability to get uptight about SBW, Though I do consider he has earned his spot in each of his chosen sports, As much as the boxing was a farce, all boxing is.
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