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    Today I opened an email in zfree mail and it had an attachment I thought was from a safe source.

    Anyway to be safe I right clicked on the file and saved to my desktop and then scanned it with pc-cillen which identified the file as badtrans.

    It then said it could not clean infected file but seems to have removed it.

    A futher scan on C: drive does not detect any virus, so am I safe to assume I have not been infected?

    I didn't dbl click the file to activate it.

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    you are safe.

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    If you haven't opened the file, you're pretty safe. There's no way it can infect your system without being opened - the viruses that run from email make use of holes in Outlook/Outlook Express, so viewing in your browser in ZFree mail wouldn't have run the virus.

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    Thnks, just needed some reassurance.

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    Can you remember the name of the attachment file?

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    Here's a great story of murphy's law... My dad got the badtrans virus by simply selecting the email in outlook express. He had the preview window open (fatal mistake), and the attachment opened itself, it was unnamed... The subject contained 'Re:'. When the attachment opened, it loaded windows Media player, and tried to download a codec to play the virus..oh dear... The name of the track that appeared in media player was some long thing with lots of numbers and letters (no, not in hex, but possibly in some other numeric system)... I went to get the lastest McAffee update, only to realise that it had expired, renewing it showed that they didn't accept the only credit card with any money left on it... So off to Symantec...hmm I downloaded their free trial (30mb...) then the dat files and a few extra bits it wanted, (another 10mb on my rural dial up - ouch!). Finally I got it installed, it performed an illegal operation, and I had to re-install it... It still died, so I re-downloaded the whole thing (another 40MB on my dial up) only to find that the damn thing didn't detect the badtrans virus, but instead turned up the I love you virus!!! ARRRGGGHHH!! Do we have badtrans??? What does the love one do?

    Hmm, Murphy was a god!, lol

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