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    Default imap & Outlook 2013

    Hi Guys

    Ive a few more imap questions.
    Can the send (& other) folders be synced with imap. Does this depend on the the ISP/email provider actually allows ?
    Do I have to make changes at the ISP end , via say webmail or other a/c setting ? to sync sent etc

    Had a bugger of a time trying to get send folder to sync with Outlook 2013, are there "issues" with Outlook 2013 & imap ?
    When I googled this I saw some grumblings about IMAP & 2013 , but I ran out time to go any further with it

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    Default Re: imap & Outlook 2013

    AFAIK, the Outlook (2010) normal sent folder is only if you are using Outlook / Office suite. It does not sync IME when you send an email off your phone or from your mate's place using the webmail interface. I found this the same with Thunderbird. RE: Gmail.

    The webmail service may have its own folders like Gmail. Ie a Gmail Sent folder. That folder should be synched wherever you send an email from - Outlook/Office, webmail, phone, tablet .... If I made extra folders using the MS Office suite, not all folders are synched. That is just on the MS Office suite, IME the only folders that synch are the Google folders re: IMAP. Ie - that you see online.

    ISP afaik has nothing to do with it, unless you are wanting a IMAP account off them, ie I heard that Clear/Vodafone offers IMAP at $5/month. And not all webmail services offer IMAP.

    When I use with my Outlook/Office suite, the normal sent folders are synched but isn't IMAP, it's MAPI.
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    Default Re: imap & Outlook 2013 doesn't have Outlook Sent folders. They just have your normal inbox, sent etc ... Outlook Suite just mirrors *I think*. If you create a new folder anywhere it would sync. But MAPI is a Microsoft thing.

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    Default Re: imap & Outlook 2013

    It's a client thing not a server thing.
    The IMAP server doesn't care what you call your folders - it serves them all the same.

    If you can set outlook to store the Sent/Drafts/etc in the IMAP profile then they are available to all devices using that account.

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