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    Default Price comparison sites

    Hi all,

    What are the most relevant price comparison sites in NZ? A quick search showed up, and Shopbot. Do any of you use these at all? Are there others that you use? (tech-specific ones? Geekzone?) Also, what are are some good online PC stores in NZ?


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    Pricespy. There's Pbtech, Computerlounge,Ascent, Alphacity (This is only online I think). Used to go to XP computers in Newmarket, when I used to live in Auckland, and Dtconline, in Mt Eden / Dominion Rd

    Haven't really used Pricespy myself. I just go to different PC sites and see which one is less expensive
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    I use pricespy mostly, just to get a general idea of prices & how they compare.

    Good online stores: computerlounge, playtech, pp, ascent.

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