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    Default Re: Inspired by Geekzone - What I want to see out of a router

    Yeah I like the Airports, they're reliable, simple interface, just they don't have a DSL port on them and they're only configurable if you've got the software installed, so it's not so easy to just "send it to somebody" sorta thing... But yeah now that you mention it
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    Default Re: Inspired by Geekzone - What I want to see out of a router

    Quote Originally Posted by CYaBro View Post
    The Asus ADSL routers seem to be pretty good.
    You plug it in and then just open your browser, it automatically redirects you to the router config and walks you through the setup. No need to enter in the router's IP address.
    It automatically detects what connection settings it should use (VCI, VPI etc) and all it asks for is your ISP username & password.
    It will tell you if you don't have the phone cable connected etc.
    Once that's done you get the option to setup the wireless.

    I also found out the other day that these Asus ADSL routers can also be converted to work with UFB as you can set one of the LAN ports as a WAN port.
    This would make the ADSL / phone socket redundant and you also lose one of the four LAN ports for your network but it also means you don't have to purchase a new router if you change to UFB in the future.
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