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    Default probably a stupid question but.....

    can anyone spare a second for a newbie crashing around in the dark?
    1/I'm using a 56k modem,but my connection speed varies between 38000bps and 45333bps-how does this rate and can I improve it?I'm not sure if a high speed connection is available in Inglewood even if I could justify the extra cost.
    2/Even at my best speed there are times when I can,t get any pages.Is this normal?
    Currently using Orcon Hypernet for ISP.Thanks!

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    Default Re: probably a stupid question but.....

    I found switching to an isa hardware modem helped my connection.

    I used to connect at 48,000bps, nows its 50-52,000bps with less frequent disconnections.

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    Default Re: probably a stupid question but.....

    The improvement you get with a better modem still depends on what you are connecting to and connecting through.

    What you have is pretty much what can generaly be expected.

    Note. Your P C may not have an ISA slot if it is of recent manufacture.

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    Default Re: probably a stupid question but.....

    speed depends on a number of factors.

    1) the condition of your telephone line (between your house and the telephone exchange). You can't do much about this, except move to ADSL if it is in your area.

    2) the type of modem you use. internal ones are generally slower / not as good at getting higher speeds - e.g. at one address a Dynalink 56k connects at 33k, an enternal USR 56 k connects at 49k to 52k. So a good external modem (e.g. USR) or ADSL.

    3) the condition of the internal telephone wiring of your house and what telephones or other devices are connected. long runs and extension cords are not good, nor are older (e.g. Pert) telephones, or other cheaper telephones connected while you are surfing. 2-wire wiring is usually better than the older 3-wire internal wiring.

    4) page loads depend on your connection speed, and the load on the ISP / net / site at the time. depending on the ISP and site, this can be common - so try another ISP or source other sites for the same info at better speeds.

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    Default Re: probably a stupid question but.....

    Firstly, welcome aboard, hope you enjoy the ride.

    You will struggle to ever get the full monty with a 56k. The best I ever got was 38.4 from my office.

    As for your other question, if sometimes you don't get a good link, you will need to reconnect before you can load web pages.

    Is it happening a lot?


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    Default Re: probably a stupid question but.....

    not the hypernet that got bought out by any chance??

    heard from a person who has hypernet that their connection has gone to crap since the isp got bought out.

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    Default Re: probably a stupid question but.....

    Thought I'd already posted a reply here...must have stuffed up[doh!]...Thanks for advice folks - I'll try and find some other Orcon users for more details.

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