I need some advice. My broadband modem/router/wireless is at one end of my house. It is the standard Thomson TG585 modem that I got free from Telecom some years ago. The wireless signal is not strong enough to reach the other end of the house, where I use my iPad and Windows phone. I bought a Netcomm NP203 Home Entertainment Connection kit that uses the power lines in your house to send a network signal. It uses your standard three pin wall socket power points. It has never been as good as I had hoped, and now seems worse. It used to report a speed of 184Mbps. Now only about 100Mbps. It may be because it has my TV, BlU Ray player, and TIVO, As well as a DLINK DIR645 wireless router connected to it. It is this DLINK router that I use for the iPad and Windows phone. But I suspect it is not sending a strong wireless signal, as I seem to have a lot of trouble browsing websites on my iPad, despite the fact that the DLINK wireless router is about two feet from my iPad! What do I do? I have considered getting someone in to run a CAT5/6/7 cable from the Thomson router, through the ceiling space, down to the lounge. But that is complicated and may upset the wife. Is there any way I can get a very powerfull wireless signal sent from one end of the house to the other, or will nothing work through several internal walls and about 20 metres of distance? Any suggestions?