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    Default 100% Disk Usage - Sony Laptop, Windows 8

    Hey, pic attached. Specs as below. Anyone have any suggestions as to why disk usage is always at 100%? Computer is very very slow, even though it is basically a clean install of windows 8. All drivers installed and no viruses etc. I'll put a 4GB stick of ram into it when I get a chance (gfs laptop) but for now just wondering if there may be something running, causing disk usage to sit at 100% which may be causing some of the lag?


    Sony E Series Notebook
    Intel Pentium p6000 1.86Ghz
    320GB HDD (Not sure of rpm, presumably 5400?)
    2GB DDR3 (?) notebook ram
    Integrated graphics

    Side note: Which top web browser has lowest memory usage?

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    Default Re: 100% Disk Usage - Sony Laptop, Windows 8

    Fresh install? Proabably indexing or something. Try leaving it running for a day or so, in my experiance if it's a system task indexing or working something out it'll fix itself up
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    Default Re: 100% Disk Usage - Sony Laptop, Windows 8

    Have a look in Task Manager see which processes are using the most cpu time, work the cause out from there.

    Not on Win8 computer at the moment it is in a cold room, lol, so can't give more detail.
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    Default Re: 100% Disk Usage - Sony Laptop, Windows 8

    Scroll down the Disk Usage, something should show whats using it, that Pic only shows about 1/4 of it.

    Could also be windows updates, W8 does update automatically as soon as its connected to the internet after a install.

    Also have a look at the App History as well, that will tell you whats been happening.

    2GB of RAM is low for W8, so if it is updates they wont install very fast.

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    Default Re: 100% Disk Usage - Sony Laptop, Windows 8

    Try the performance tab as well, from memory I think it'll graph the disk usage so you can see if it's truly sitting at 100% all the time.
    It could be swap file usage causing some of it so the RAM may help, it should make the PC feel faster in general anyway.
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